FZ2000/2500: Are the dpreview lens tests correct?

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Re: FZ2000/2500: Are the dpreview lens tests correct?

marshwader wrote:

I referred to the same impression Kirk Tuck has above:

"I read Kirk Tuck's article and either I don't actually understand what he is talking about or in my impression using touch AF while holding the camera to the viewfinder doesn't actually suffer from this 'focus jumping' he is talking about. When you select your focus point or area in this way the camera will still refocus as you are half depressing the shutter button and then fire. This method is also referred to in the manual (p98) so I'm not so sure what he refers to when he talks about how the engineer intended the camera to be used. Maybe I completely misunderstand him. What's your impression? " There is of course the possibility that one is swaying about a bit if one is unused to the touch focus selection which with pretty narrow DOF will lead to focus imprecision.

rashid7 wrote:

Kirk Tuck has just weighed in on this in his blog. He agrees that it is plenty sharp, and explains why he initially was not getting sharp output. Interesting theory... what do u think?

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