Coolpix A with wideangle WC-E68 and JJC-LH-CP18Adapter with pics

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Re: Coolpix A with wideangle WC-E68 and JJC-LH-CP18Adapter with pics

gabriel foto wrote:

blaster182 wrote:

Thanks to your thread on using a wideangle adapter with the Coolpix A, my curiosity had been sparked I recently found a used WC-E68 in very good condition to mount on my original Nikon CPA lens adapter. I've taken some pictures, to be found in this album:

The pictures are taken from the same spot with the wide-angle converter on and off. You will notice that some shots are underexposed but I didn't want to modify the OOC JPEGS and have been to lazy to re-develop the RAWs either in the camera or in Lightroom The location is Nuremberg, Germany.

I should add some samples with objects in the foreground that show off the wide-angle character more for better comparison.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the converter, it's not something I would take along everyday. The corners are soft but that doesn't bother me too much. The converter is a nice accessory to a fantastic camera.

Tim (OP), I looked at your pictures and Blaster, looked at your album, thanks for posting these! I think the images with the WC-E68 look fine, at least stopped down. I compared briefly to my own results which are more or less the same but I have got a few useful results at f/5,6.

But there may be a reason for differences:

I know from using the WC-E68 on other lenses that the mounting distance has a huge effect on sharpness and while I believe the OP is using the JJC, I use the Nikon UR-E24 adapter, and I think Blaster does too?

This adapter is 21,9 mm deep. I measured from the flat part which makes contact with the camera, not the attachment ring, to the outside threads at the front. The WC-E68 cannot screw down to the bottom of these threads but leaves a gap some 0,5 mm so the overall mounting distance would be approx 22,4 mm.

How deep is the JJC?

I also noted that the results seem to be better at short distance and there seems to be some curvature of field as well: When shooting inside a room the loss of sharpness in the corners (field curved towards you) fall more dramatically than when focusing on something in the centre of the image a couple of metres away, with a distant background (field curved away from you).

Would be interested in your findings!


Hello Gabriel, I'm using the Nikon UR-ES24 adapter as well. BR, Arndt

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