FZ2000/2500: Are the dpreview lens tests correct?

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Re: FZ2000/2500: Are the dpreview lens tests correct?

ChrisLumix wrote:

rashid7 wrote:

Kirk Tuck has just weighed in on this in his blog. He agrees that it is plenty sharp, and explains why he initially was not getting sharp output. Interesting theory... what do u think?

I think everyone here who has complained about the FZ2500 lens should try this out first. It looks like it could be the solution to the problem.

I had a read of that blog post - all it really does is shift the fault from the lens to the operating system.

OK, the focus and lens is sharper with the changes he lists - but the OS is now faulty and needs fixing..

Either way - NOT an auspicious launch for a new camera. Flaws like either one should not have got past the quality control testing.

Anyway - I'm happy with my fz1000, the 2500 offers me nothing new, and I don't like touchscreens on cameras (REALLY don't like them).

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