Astro tracer primer (K3ii)

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Re: Astro tracer primer (K3ii)

John.Laninga wrote:

Although I know I have the astro tracer feature on my K3ii, I never thought I would use it. But now it turns out I will be spending a week at Bryce Canyon next July, and that would be an ideal place to use it. So I'm wondering if anyone has a link or whatever to a basic primer on how to use it? I have the 18-135mm, 15mm, and 35mm lenses. I do have a decent tripod. And a wireless remote. And a Flu card.

I am not expecting gallery art, but just learning something new and the satisfaction of trying else appeals to me.

I have the K5, I guess it's the same.

Attach lens and tripod.

Move well away from cell phones and iron and anything else with magnets or motors.

Switch to "bulb" mode.

Go to "GPS" in the menu. Select "Calibrate". It should ask you to rotate in the 3 axis over 180deg (try for 210 deg say) in each direction (so, a total of ~420deg total range). If it doesn't then say "Ok", then turn yourself to another direction and try again.

Next find "Precise calibration" and do the rotations again as before.

To keep the tripod steady for long exposures if there is any wind, you may want to not extend the legs.

Achieving a sharp focus can be difficult. Use "Live view", point at the brightest star, focus, go to 10x mag, focus, find a dim star, focus.

You are now ready.

For Milky way, you want the equivalent of 120s @ f2.8, ISO 1600. Less ISO if there is light pollution.

For a basic nebula, stack 30 good frames of say 60s @f2.8, ISO 1600.

The PP required is difficult but rewarding.

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