Is the X-T20 too small?

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Re: Is the X-T20 too small?

Phil747 wrote:

I am looking to replace my X-E1 with a newer model to get a more responsive camera both in operating and autofocusing capacity on moving subject (XE1 totally useless at capturing cleanly a toddler in and outdoor).

I am in between the XT-20 and X-T2, I know there are plenty of discussion on the subject but I am still uncertain about few points:

  1. Are XT2 owner able to carry their camera equipped with the 27mm pancake in their jacket (possible with the XE1 – just). I live in london, and can’t be bothered to take a bag for every ordinary outing.
  2. Are the XT-20 owner (or maybe XT-10) have any issue with the handling of their camera. I played with the XT20 in the shop and it does feel crowded and on the small side to reach comfortably the shutter and about every controls.
  3. If yes, does the addition of a grip, thumb rest and/or soft release make a huge difference in using XT20

Obviously, very curious to hear anyone’s experience coming from the X-E1 to one of those models



You can get a 1/2 case for your X-T2 and carry it around that way.  If you have a US Military Field Jacket, yes, the X-T2 with just about any lens under 50mm will fit just fine in the pocket but the danger is that you might bang the camera on something and there is no padding to cushion the blow.

No, probably because of the way I hold the camera.  I carry the weight of the system on my left hand while  my right hand operates the shooting controls.  That's a method I developed while shooting Hershey bar shaped film cameras.

I tried the thumb grip out and found that they were more trouble than they are worth.  I don't like to have a camera with a totally different feel when shooting  with a speed light than without.  I use a soft release but be careful to use one that has metal threads.  If it's made out of non-metal, parts of it could crumble and cause issues with your shutter button.  I have the Nikon AR-11 on my X-T2, X-T20, and X100f.  It works great.  I have them secured with 1 drop of Locktite blue.  When I installed it, I held the camera upside down to prevent the Locktite from getting into the shutter button silo.  I used a paper towel to leach any extra Locktite after installing the soft touch.  Don't forget to clean the threads of the soft touch and the shutter button with denatured alcohol and blow out the threaded cavity of any foreign material before applying the blue Locktite.

I came from the X-E2 and didn't like the eyepiece placement as I'm right eyed and I like to  block my left eye with the camera body.  Aside from that and the totally new menu structure, Moving from an X-E to a X-T is not a big deal.  If you do studio work, you will be able to tether using the USB cable of with v.2 of the firmware, you will be able to tether using Wi-Fi.

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