Full Frame or APS C camera?

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Re: Full Frame or APS C camera?

Bowling wrote:

I understand that FF cameras has got bigger sensors and therefore better quality and noise reduction. What I was trying to figure out is the versatility of the lenses in regards of the angle of view.

I have read so much about crop sensors, (1.5x, 1.6x...) and how lenses are compared to the angle of view that a FF has but I came to a conclusion that to get the same angle of view (wide angle on this case) compared to a FF you just need to go for a crop camera lens that is equivalent to the standard FF view.

For example, if I get a 18mm lens designed only to fit crop sensors this will be the equivalent of 28mm FF, so therefore if I would like to capture and image of 18mm FF (as it is the standard comparison unit) I should get a lens of 11mm crop lens.

The only concern that if have it now is that going so wide in a crop lens, this would have distorsion image quality that otherwise in a FF camera wouldn't have but you need to pay for this.

Thanks all and I believe that I have made my decision... I think

Yes, you are right - and this is what I found when I followed the discussion about this comparison: everything is just shifted: focal  length, deepness of field, aperture, effect of exposure time on blue due to movement of the camera ...

Things start to matter where you reach the border of shifting:

If you need a swallow DOF f=2.8 is the limit for most high quality lenses for APS-C as well as for FF - and you reach a DOF with the FF sensor that is out of reach for your APS-C.

But sometimes you want a wide DOF - and on the other side of the scale your APS-C gives you an option your FF does not have - you will run into trouble with diffraction - but this blur can easily corrected in post-processing (some cameras have this correction already inside their JPG machine).

This way we could go on and compare both systems - and would end up with the conclusion that the difference is not so big.

I bought my FF camera (Pentax K1) as almost all of my lenses are old on that were build for FF in analogue film days. These lenses are better supported by the bid sensor as they were designed for this size. I like the quality of the RAW I get from my K1.

But if I would have to decide from the point of no equipment at all the difference in price between FF and APS-C would make me go the APS-C way as modern APS-C cameras offer a quality that is good enough for most needs - and I am not a professional.

Best regards


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