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‘The recent article featured on the Nikkei regarding Panasonic’s Imaging business was not announced by Panasonic and refers to a change in our internal organizational structure.
Integrating all consumer electronics divisions, our consumer Digital Imaging business will move under Panasonic Appliances Company and is not being dismantled.
The aim of this change is to further deepen our relationships with customers, strengthen our product capabilities, and continue to firmly develop and promote our business.’

Also, more good news here

Panasonic’s digital camera business was transferred from AVC Network Company to Appliance Company in accordance with the organization reorganization in April 2017. We will accelerate the LUMIX project with a new structure. Development members of VARICAM are also involved in the development of GH5, which enabled the professional’s desired video performance.”

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Its funny how once Panasonic cleared the air, all the doomsday people, AKA Olympus users, all of a sudden disappeared. Noticed how there are only 19 replies versus about 20 million pixel threads about how Panasonic sucks and will die tomorrow, or was it yesterday, day before?

The Panasonic Sky Fallers weren't all Olympus users. Quite a few alarmed posts were made about recently purchased gear, wanting to upgrade existing Panasonic products, etc. The panic response was brand agnostic.

Yes, as an Olympus user I am VERY GLAD that Panny is still here. It is never good to have just one company representing a particular format. Competition and collaboration always end up bringing about better products.

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