Slimmest case for LF1

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: Slimmest case for LF1 is no case

And then there is the slimmest:

Yeah, that's a TZ1 and I've been using this kind of case all these years with no dust problems and no camera body wear (what used to be called "brassing" on Leicas)

Rather than soft cloth which can hold debris next to the camera, the plastic bag actually electrostatically repels debris - and keeps debris & perspiration or minor rain moisture OUT.

(A Ziploc® bag might be a good idea in real rain, but not for daily use - a forum member in the UK suggests that trapping a drop or 2 in a sealed bag might act as a mini-sauna and evaporated moisture get inside the camera and condense there. (and UK folks know about rain). And really slows you down.

I've been carrying a small camera in my trouser pocket for some 10 years now in one of these bags with NO lint on my sensors, and NO camera body wear. A box of open-top Sandwich Bags from the grocery store only costa a buck or so. I change the bag when I notice that the bag is getting worn, which reduces it's electrostatic properties.

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