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mfashbaugh wrote:

That's amazing to hear! Can you tell me what you mean exactly by running the head over damp microfiber cloth? How would I do this? I purchased it yesterday and tried to run a nozzle check, but unfortunately the thing is low on ink, so I couldn't get a good read. It appears to have a lot of missing pattern from the check.

I bought a new set of OEM inks (220ml). installed them. Did a nozzle check - nothing. I would not even try my older ones first. When I first cranked up the 9800 with the new inks not a single nozzle was working. I was not surprised. I thought the chances less tha 50/50 that I could get it working at all after so many years idle.

Then I got some microfiber cloth and a product called "magic bullet" which looks like an ammonia based liquid. I bought it at the same time I ordered inks. Dampened the cloth, and slid it under the print head. Magic bullet has a video on how to do this. Left it an hour (I think they recommend longer but I was impatient). Ran a clean from the control panel. Takes about 15 minutes or so. Did a nozzle check and there were perhaps 10 nozzles that were still clogged. Ran a short clean cycle and 1 page print of a profile patch pattern then did a nozzle check and they were all firing properly.

Ever since then if I let it sit more than 3 or 4 days one or two segments will be blank. It always behaved that way (humidity is about 40%) . If so, I just print another patch pattern and the nozzle checks are perfect.

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