Slightly decentered 90mm 2.8 macro.. Is this normal for this lens?

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Re: Slightly decentered 90mm 2.8 macro.. Is this normal for this lens?

sykkys wrote:

I received mine few days ago and soon as I took my first shot, I thought right side a bit blurry

1. this one is focused in the middle.

2. Best out of multiple manually focused on the left bottom for optimal focus accuracy.

3. same but on right bottom

4. side by side comparison

Lighting is slightly uneven but I took a good amount of time to set the camera on a tripod (more or less) perfectly perpendicular to the center target, so there shouldn't be a huge margin for error.

As you can see right bottom is fuzzier. To be fair, it's not a huge difference and It does clear up when I stop down to about 5.6 but I am still thinking of exchanging for a new one if there is a good chance I will get a better one.

Now, my question is, does anyone know if this is rather 'normal' among other 90mm? If this is as good as this particular lens gets, I rather not waste my time and just give up.

I know I'm a bit nit-picky but humor me please, thanks.

My first copy was a fair bit worse than yours; my second marginally better than yours. I'm not sure what I would do if I had yours; it's fine, you could do better, but you could also do a lit worse.

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