OV3 not recognising my E-M5ii

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Re: OV3 not recognising my E-M5ii

UK-Eastangle wrote:

I'd done pretty well all of these before I posted, Peter.

I've now done the following:

1) Uninstalled OV3 and Camera Updater on my desktop PC, and the reinstalled OV3 version 1.4.1 from the original CD that came with the camera about 2 years ago.

2) Done the same on my laptop (again Windows 10)

3) Updated both to OV3 2.1.3


PC, OV3 1.4.1
OV3 recognises the camera, but says the card has no images on it!
Windows can see the card as a disk, correctly

PC, OV3 2.1.3
OV3 doesn't recognise the camera
Windows can see the card as a disk, correctly

Laptop, OV3 1.4.1
Works fine!

Laptop, OV3 2.3.1
Works fine!

So clearly something is either faulty on my main PC, or it's configured subtly differently

The drivers are not installing correctly.  You can try plugging in the camera to the computer and, while plugged in, go into the Device Manager to locate the devices that represent the Olympus but are not working.  Delete the devices, unplug the camera, reboot and then try plugging the camera in again.

If this does not work then your must connect the camera, locate the correct INF files in \Windows\inf that represent the detection of the EM5 (these most often have an "OEM" prefix), delete the INF's, delete the devices in Device Manager, disconnect the camera, uninstall OV3, reboot, reinstall OV3 and then follow the instructions to reinstall the camera on the computer.

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