Former A57 user...get new SL1 or used T3456i on Ebay?

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Re: Yet another Recommendation for Canon SL1 > T3i, former Minolta shooter

I would like to add to what you wrote for the OP concerning image quality.

DxOMark sensor overall score is slightly better for the Canon T3i (600D) camera over the Canon SL1 (100D) camera. (65 vs 63).

The low light ISO score is slightly better for the Canon SL1 (100D).

Canon T3i (600D) --- 793

Canon SL1 (100D) --- 843

Dynamic range and color depth is slightly better for the Canon T3i (600D).

Note that there is sample variation (or copy variation), so these scores can vary a small amount between the different models tested. See the DxOMark website for their explanation (from the last time I checked).

As far as image quality that we would get from either camera, they are not that much different. I reviewed that before deciding between the Canon SL1 (100D) or Canon T3i (600D) camera. The Canon T3i (600D) sensor even scores higher than the Canon T4i (650D) or Canon T5i (700D) according to DxOMark (in all three of their categories).

When Canon introduced the Canon T6i/T6s (750D/760D) cameras, they finally improved the sensor image quality well ahead of the Canon T3i (600D) camera according to DxOMark. I'm watching the Canon T7i (800D) with interest, hoping it's going to be even better.

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