Epson Stylus Pro 9800

Started Mar 25, 2017 | Questions thread
mike earussi Veteran Member • Posts: 8,713
Re: Epson Stylus Pro 9800

The x800 series are well built and can last for a long time. I've been buying used x800 series printers for years (three so far, two 4800s and one 7800) and if you buy them already working they should be fine. Just make sure the owner can show you a clean nozzle check pattern and have him also print out a small picture, and if both look good then it's a good buy.

But if any of the nozzles are plugged then either don't buy it or at least have him knock the price way down because sometimes you can unplug the nozzles and sometimes you can't, and if you can't then you've just bought yourself a very expensive (and very large) paper weight.

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