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Re: I hadn't considered Social Media

drh681 wrote:

richiebee wrote:

I advertised a portrait service where I work, and got next to no inquiries. After speaking with a potential customer, I got the impression the youngsters would use the term headshot, where I was thinking they were environmental portraits.

I changed my poster to headshot, and sure enough I was inundated with inquiries. I've done several of these sessions and although we typically do a few headshots in the session, I would still consider most of what I'm doing is environmental portraiture. They're driving the style mostly by providing examples of what they'd like, so I find it a bit puzzling, but hey, it's only a word.

as a "market".

I had supposed that it was almost entirely self inflicted imaging being used as Updated Profile Pictures. What were your clients willing to pay for such sessions?

What I've found so far, is that the reason for wanting a session differs from one person to the next.  While some want a photo exclusively for their recital poster, others are thinking more long term, looking for something to help market themselves as musicians in a professional world. Headshots are a requirement for musicians as much as they are for actors and models and its not simply about social media profiles, though that is a part of it.

Market price is irrelevant outside of my geographical market, but I think it will bear my target hourly rate easily enough. I'm not in a major centre and wouldn't command New York or LA pricing even if I were at the top of my game (long way to go yet), but I think I can make it a worthwhile venture.

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