G7X - Do you miss the EVF?

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Re: I guess I'll find out, I ordered one

tkbslc wrote:

My companion thread in the Sony forum said 90% of them rely heavily on the EVF. So I'm a little worried, but I like everything else about the G7X II more. The lens, the Canon colors, the controls, the touchscreen etc. I'm hoping I can forget my m4/3 on trips now (and maybe permanently).

I am following that thread, too! I have the Sony RX 100 M3, and its EVF is pretty small. If there is no glare, I prefer to use the screen. But if the sun is right behind me and I cannot see the screen, I use the EVF, though because there is no eye cup, I need to shield it with my hand so that there is no glare on the EVF. Now, what's really odd is this; it might be just my copy, but if the sun in in front of me, the EVF blacks out completely; it just steps working. My best guess is that, the mica in my eye shadow reflects the sunlight, and it somehow fools the eye sensor for the EVF. But if I block the sunlight with my hand, it works just fine. A bit of a pain to use it that way, but for sure it works better than using the screen. However, I've heard Canon screen works better with glare than Sony screen, so that might make a difference...

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