Panasonic restructures non profitable business

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Re: Just reaffirms Canon and Nikon's position

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As a current Panasonic user and an ex Samsung user I'm beginning to wonder whether I should give up on photography and take up something more popular, tennis perhaps...

Difficult to know for sure the effect this will have but this certainly makes me reluctant to buy expensive lenses that might take several years before I've got my money's worth from...

Unfortunately, the only safe bet in this business for long term development is with Canon and Nikon... possibly Sony, though I don't know how long they can pump R&D dollars into their division in such a declining market without having the name "Canon" or "Nikon".

But none of Canon or Nikon's products interest me, so I'll just reside myself to enjoying what I've got, and when it actually breaks, I'll see if the market is offering a camera I actually want.

My bet in order of likely survival: 1 - Canon, 2 - Sony, 3 - Nikon

In what time frame ? This reads like crystal ball. None of this speculation matters


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