Are we kidding ourselves that we are better than we are?

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Re: Are we kidding ourselves that we are better than we are?

sportyaccordy wrote:

This is a silly thought. Image quality is important regardless of skill level. It's not something you have to "earn". Worse image quality will negatively affect your pictures regardless of what skill level you're at. These are completely unrelated issues.

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Sometimes I take pictures with my gear-

Okay, so show me this image quality that could not be achieved with the XT2? Show me a photo you or someone you know has produced that couldn't not have been created with the XT2 sensor due to IQ issues. I'm not talking about zooming in to 100% which is never the way you would view a photo (and none of the people here would be printing to anyway), I'm talking about a Screen sized photo.

If you can't, then it goes back to my original point...Why are we arguing about image quality between sensors if we do not have the skills or capacity for it to be a limiting factor? Based on the way people are arguing about this IQ issue, it must be a major limiting factor that effects everybody because EVERY time an argument between Nikon or Canon or Fuji comes up, this IQ card keeps getting pulled and I'm just trying to understand what the IQ problem is.

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