So how bad is the AF on the 6D?

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Re: So how bad is the AF on the 6D?

zonoskar wrote:

The only thing that makes me still doubt the 6D is the new 6D sensor will most likely have on-chip ADC and thus improved dynamic range. Sadly, the review of the 6D doesn't allow me to compare the DR with a camera using on-chip ADC, like a 5DIV or 80D.

The 7D2 and 6D, on paper, were not improved over older Canons for DR, but their post-gain (sometimes called low-ISO because it is the bulk of read noise at base ISO) read noise was much more random in character than most previous cameras. I found the 5D2 especially bad for base-ISO DR, not just because of the measured read noise, but because it had colorful plaid patterns to it, which do not fall below the threshold of perception with filtering or downsizing. So, sometimes, with the right (wrong) combination of 1/3 stop ISO settings, HTP, and fast (1.4) f-numbers, and light color, ISO 125 or 250HTP could be disastrous.

The 6D and 7D2 are not revolutionary in post-gain noise quantity, but the quality is much more forgiving. Sure, you'd probably want an off-sensor ADC if you were purposely trying to put 3 extra stops of headroom in there, shooting "ISO 100" at ISO 800, or having both ISO 100 and ISO 1600 regions in the same capture at "ISO 100", but for normal exposure fluctuations, I don't find the 7D2 or 6D to be scary. Shadows are not trashed by low-frequency and banding noises in typical unintended exposure variations, HTP, or ISOs 125, 250, etc.

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