Are we kidding ourselves that we are better than we are?

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Re: Are we kidding ourselves that we are better than we are?

Shockwave wrote:

Rod McD wrote:


I think there's an inappropriate premise in your question. Your premise is that because well known photographers produce some great images, it's somehow inappropriate for members here to make negative observations about their cameras or lenses or the resulting IQ. I disagree. And underlying the first premise is probably the notion that well known professionals produce better work than not-well-known non-professional photographers, which is undoubtedly true at times, but certainly not true all the time. There are people in all walks of professional life, not just professional photography, who are passionate and excellent photographers.

This is principally a gear site. Members discuss, enthuse, question, compare and complain about gear. I hope it comes through in my posts that I'm in fact very positive about Fuji - I've never been happier with a digital camera than my XT1. And I'll extend that to cover all my film SLRs too. Yet in owning it, I've aired grumbles about and comparisons between individual lenses. I've found that I've had to try a good many lenses to reach a kit I'm happy with. That process has inevitably involved a few rejects, and when I've participated in posts about them, I've called it as I've found it in my experience with them. Why not?

I'm not much interested in famous photographers and the whole Fuji-X strategy isn't one that sells to me. I'm not concerned with what gear other people use, famous or not. I am very interested in my own gear choices. I'd predict that every well known photographer has also been through a process of evaluating their gear, rejecting some lenses and settling to keep and use others. They'd be fools not to. Bear in mind too, that as well known identities in the photographic industry they have to be a bit more judicious about airing their rejects than unknowns like us, writing behind avatars.

Photography is good, choice is good, debate is good. And if that debate finds its way into improvement, well that's no bad thing either.....

Regards, Rod

Hi Rod

I'm not saying that people don't have a right to complain, I'm simply arguing that at times they are arguing and complaining about things that are unlikely to impact their photography at their current level. As an example, could you imagine if I complained about the sharpness of the 90 f2?

If we take lenses, I wholeheartedly agree that there is reason to complain, compare and discuss. AF speed as an example can have a fair amount of impact on a photo. The difference between a $300 lens and a $1000 are more often than not visible when you look at photos.

But when it comes to IQ on a sensor, the question I had is what photos people were taking that could not be achieved with the IQ of the XT2. I ask this because I am interested to know what exeeding the capability of the XT2 looks like. Surely if these photographers are exceed the IQ of the XT2, they must be proud to show what they are achieving. It must be incredible. If you are going to complain about the IQ of something, I can only assume you are exceeding it?

You could have asked your question in a neutral fashion, much like you did here, namely, "please show me cases where the capabilities of the X-T2 are limiting what one can achieve".

But you chose a different route in your OP, one that is in fact inflammatory in that you were correlating someone's pointing out limitations with their personal skill and basically vented "If these other guys can do it, what right do you have to complain?".

That's a completely different agenda,, if you ask me.

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