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Re: agree with you & Christopher (2 pics)

Artichoke wrote:

The_frumious_banderzack wrote:

Some version of the 50 lux is definitely a priority down the line, once I get my go to focal lengths taken care of. Probably a 50 cron as well.

the 50 Lux is one of the great M lenses for sure & despite my fondness for the CV 40 Nokton, is clearly my favored lens for social work

mine is a chrome, which makes it kind of flashy on my black M9 body, but pizzazz helps with social endeavors

here is a favorite from one of the few weddings I have shot (both done informally & supplanting the efforts of wedding photographers for whom I have the highest respect)

this was taken in very marginal light with mixed sources, so I think it was a challenge, but I was very pleased with my results for this dear couple

First Dance Married

better version & shooting info along with many other samples at links below

this focal length works like a charm for such & with a RF I confidently hand hold at speeds far lower than I would with a mirror camera well I would do with focus peaking is something I will hold off on learning for my dotage

Much different light taken with my 75 Lux, which Christopher recommended, though they are hard to find. I got mine 6 months in advance of getting my M8, as soon as I learned Leica was joining with Kodak to build a digital RF. I remember playing with its focus helical, which does get tight at distance. This was early innings with the M9, but I love this photograph so much that I entered it in a Leica competition here. This was a wedding held on a beach outside a fancy hotel & was fabulous in every way. My fashionista cousin amply provided one of the seven.

Seven Shades of Blue

much better version on my gallery below, along with other samples

This lens is a bit more challenging to hit focus when wide open, but can be reliably worked with practice & having a VF magnifier helps

links to my pbase galleries in which much larger versions can be found along with shooting info, albeit notoriously inaccurate for EXIF

First Dance

7 Shades

beware the 7 Shades can be viewed at full resolution so the file is huge

hope this helps

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I get what you mean with the pizzaz helping out in certain types of shooting. I work in the California wine country and every tiny little detail of presentation helps build up one's reputation here. 40mm is something I've never even considered before, and the price of the voigtlander 1.4 or leica/minolta 40 cron is looking pretty reasonable to me for an every day walk around setup.

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