First shots with FZ80...

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First shots with FZ80...

Well...seems like the lens might be soft at the telephoto end....just like the FZ70 lens was....I shouldn't be surprised.

Only had about 15 minutes with the camera.

Set Photo Style to Natural, with sharpness and NR set to -4.

Contrast and color set to  0.

AF box kept moving to the extreme right for some reason. I was using the EVF, so LCD was off (no accidental moving the focus box  via touchscreen).

Used AF single for all of these.

Seen Airplane zooming across the sky, so aimed camera at it, and fired away...AF seemed pretty fast, and nailed the target.

These were processed with FastStone Image Viewer.

Wish the FZ80 has eye sensor to switch from EVF to LCD (like my P610 this is competing against) ...but sadly it doesn't. I knew that, but out of habit put my eye to it, expecting it to come on...but nothing...duh


These were edited with my newer PC, but using the VGA output. DisplayPort to HDMI not allowing all of the windows to be seen on the screen...tried different settings, but only few choices for resolution.  Probably will buy a Graphics card with HDMI output

Monitor is  a 32" Vizio TV, 11 years old with 720P resolution .

Will upgrade it one day. 4K TV's are pretty cheap...but this old one still wont buy one just yet.

Tomorrow will post some more shots ...hopefully from local zoo. Might bring P610 along, and take similar shots , to compare.


Flat view
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