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Well I got Breakthrough 10x ND and I like it and so when they came out with the 4X CPL I ordered them on Kickstarter and when I got them I found the quality of the filter ring to be ok NOT the quality I was expecting and the glass is better so I sent an email to Graham and what a jerk, it took 6 email for him to understand what I was telling him because he thinks his poop don't smell. I was so turned off and I am not the only one that has said this about him!

At the end, he said some hurtful comments like others so I would not support a company that acts high and mighty so look elsewhere as Hoya are very good and so are Marumi CPL and there filters ring of their CPL ring is smoother. It's a shame Graham was a jerk to me and others POOR BUSINESS. This is the first time I have said anything like this about someone but what a jerk Graham is!


That's a shame I'm very happy with my Breakthrough Photography X4 6-stop ND filter and just received my X4 10-stop ND filter I've yet to use. I was curious about their CPL filters though, what was bad about it? I have the B+W XS-Pro HTC Kaeseman CPL and it's been fine, but it's the first CPL I've use so nothing to compare to. My customer service experience was pretty sweet on their site using the live chat, but I've never had to deal with any issues with Graham. I did see him being pretty aggressive in forums before though when someone bashed his product so I could see where you're coming from.

Hi Jeff, let me be crystal clear I like very much his X4 10 Stop ND filter maybe the world's best but his CPL filter and I got 3 no so impressed with, the glass is top with Hoya & Marumi but for the high price he is charging get Marumi their top called EXUS Circular PL great CPL and cost about same as Graham, but Marumi Super DHG Circular Polarizers series blows his away for the money like under $100! And made in Japan! So is Promaster HGX is made by Marumi in Japan and is the same as the Marumi Super DHG Circular Polarizers. Since I have had many emails with Graham I now know what a real jerk he can be and was to me so I needed to buy more ND and would not by his or pay that much and got some Haida 82mm Slim PRO II MC ND3.0 1000x Neutral Density Filter ND1000 and cost $63.00 see link www.ebay.com/itm/282189608492 and very high quality and netrual color. So I will not support Breakthrough Photography any longer as I have a feeling he will say that he won't warranty the filters I paid over $500 for 3 CPL so look elsewhere.


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