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Re: Tourist Art For Sale

Erik Ohlson wrote:

windmillgolfer wrote:

Comprehensive post Jerry. I guess enough people buy such items since they're a constant at tourist spots throughout the world. Fortunately, in our case, the damage is limited to Fridge Magnets - but it is getting rather full

On occasion, one finds - if not TREASURE, at least a good facsimile thereof:

At a sort of out-of-the-way site in northern Peru called "Arco Iris" ("Rainbow) there was this open air shop selling replicas of ancient peruvian pottery. The guy had in plastic sleeves, a copy of an article published in an archeological journal which he let me photograph.

We bought several of his wares which he (and the printed article) said were made with molds derived from molds that had been excavated, and that the clay came from the same source as the old pottery of this region.

We weren't all that convinced that they were particularly authentic looking (what do WE know??) but we became believers when - at the customs inspection in the Lima airport, the agent started closely examining the pots -- and we were suddenly surrounded by men in crisp white shirts. Peru has strict laws concerning the export of antiquities!

Fortunately and to our great relief, the artisan had scratched the word "Replica" into the wet clay and we were off the hook.

So we got souvenirs authentic enough to fool the customs agents --

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That is very interesting Erik. We are headed to Peru in a couple of months ourselves. I'll have to insure "Replica" is inscribed in any souvenir we buy.  Good to know.

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