Are we kidding ourselves that we are better than we are?

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Re: Are we kidding ourselves that we are better than we are?

We are not better, on the contrary. But let me explain my view. A photographer expert can take a great photo with an iphone. He will still be limited by it though. So, there are two things at play. First, the expert will make more use of what he has than the non expert. Second, the expert will also reach the limitations of what he has far more than the non expert and will want something more.

The non expert on the other hand can greatly enhance his picture from an added micro contrast or pop color. A picture which would otherwise not be too exciting. Same with the expert but there to reach perfection, different level. So when I take a pic I need the IQ because I am not an expert photographer and IQ can help me a lot. If I was an expert photographer I would probably still need the IQ to sell more. Not to take a great pic, that will happen anyway because I'm an expert.

So, nothing wrong to want or at least keep an eye for the better. Isn't that the reason we own Fuji and not m4/3 which is lighter - used to be anyway, lol. As long as it doesn't get in the way of creativity and fun that is. It's not just black and white, right ?:)

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