D500 - anyone need the maximum of 200 shots?

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Re: D500 - anyone need the maximum of 200 shots?

I was recording 14 bit uncompressed. Fine large jpg, and now I think of it the jpg was set to quality file rather than file size. I don't know if that would make a difference either but assumed set to quality would be less processor intensive than variable compression of the jpg to keep file sizes more equal. I used a Lexar 2000 SDHC card although I hear the SanDisk has a higher write speed than the Lexar I haven't been able to source one yet.

This is pretty weird. I have reverted now to 12 bit compressed raw to the XQD, which gives me about 70 shots (still jpeg fine* to the Lexar 300 mb/s SD card).

I still think this seems to be a processing limitation of the d500 rather than an SD card slowness issue. Otherwise why would going from 14-bit uncompressed to 12-bit compressed double my continuous shots from 34 to 70? (and not doing anything different with the SD card saving).

I agree it seems to be a processing issue mainly but there may also be variables in individual write, read, speeds between individual SD cards. I don't know the tolerance values for these cards but I thought I'd read that the architecture for the slower cards are the same as for the faster cards (during a production run) but just get downgraded to a slower speed card if they fail the in house speed tests. If that is true (and I don't know one way or the other for sure) then it seems pot luck. I did use the same cards I initially used so maybe the later firmware update also made a difference as my camera now seems slower but at least only plays up if I upload from camera to PC and delete images before transfer. Then the camera often disconnects before finishing the upload.

If I keep all the images I take then the transfer goes without a hitch.

Although I still love my D500, at times it's odd behaviour can be a little frustrating as I then have to go back and delete any I would normally have deleted before transferring.

Nikon Transfer also only seems to be able to recognise one camera at a time on my PC.

If I stick my D700 it opens up straight away. If I use my D300 or D500 I have to open View NX-I first, then launch Transfer. If I change transfer to recognise another body, it drops opening my D700 files automatically or ignores the card readers.

The more I use and like Nikon gear, the more I think Nikon should farm out their software to American or European software designers.

Thanks for your input.  I am starting to feel pretty spoiled actually for complaining about all this--the camera is AWESOME, 10 fps is crazy, and like everything in life there are a few conditions attached to using it.  I still love to grab it instead of my d7200 and am definitely getting more keepers.

Onward and upward.

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