Are we kidding ourselves that we are better than we are?

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Are we kidding ourselves that we are better than we are?

Every day I see comments and complaints about Fuji for the sharpness, for the IQ, the skin tones, artefacts  etc and yet we see photographers like Nasim Mansurov, Jonas Rask and other very good photographers who do not seem to be constrained by this when they take photos.

So my questions before another full frame vs APSC argument erupts is:

If these photographers are clearly not constrained enough to produce good photos, what makes you or me, or anyone else think we are good enough that this is a constraint for us? I have seen topics locked over full frame vs APSC image quality and yet I have seen nothing from those who seek to spout the values of full frame that gives me any indication that they are more capable of using this additional IQ.

What makes image IQ and sharpness so critical in what you do that you feel that you cannot achieve what you need from Fuji? Yes, I get the DOF is an issue for some people, but I constantly see IQ raised as an issue and I'm trying to work out what these people are doing with this IQ that makes these cameras good enough for some of the people I've seen (who produce better photos than me)

Finally, when will IQ be enough. If the XT2 is not good enough, what will be good enough? Yes, I get that high ISO helps, but this isn't about high ISO, these people are complaining about image quality at base ISO.

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