Why did Panasonic take the GM5 out of production?

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Re: Why did Panasonic take the GM5 out of production?

brentbrent wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Why the "GM7" - there is no doubt in my mind that the GX85 was the GM7 - the GM series camera with everything made as small as it was physically possible. Adding freatures by allowing the camera to be a little larger kills the basic concept of an uber-small systems camera that does all basic camera "things" but has to make some compromises to do so.

For those that argue that a GM7 was posisble and/or was killed off I re-iterate that the "GM7" was strongly rumoured twice and arrived almost to the hour of purported release as the GX85. There have been not a whisper of the GM7 ever since.

I continue to be of the opinion that thinking of the GX85 as somehow being the new GM body (but necessarily made a little bigger to cram in all the goodies) makes no sense. I'm aware of 4/3 rumors once running a rumor that a new GM body was coming, but I think that your hope that it would be true caused you to give it more credence than a mere rumor deserves.

The GM1, GM5, and GX850 share several attributes which clearly put them in one category: tiny size, similar styling, no grip, tiny shutter that is limited to 1/500 mechanical, and relatively few controls due to small size. They differ in some respects (fixed/swivel/no LCD; EVF/no EVF; some controls; and some other tweaks), but if they didn't differ at all there would be no reason for two of them to exist.

The GX7 and GX85 share several attributes which clearly put them in one category, which is different from the above GM/GX850 category: bigger and very similar size with a grip, same size EVF, tilt LCD, dual control dials, IBIS, much higher speed mechanical shutter, to name a few.

The GX7 was announced two months before the GM1. For anyone who found the GM1 or GM5 too small or who wanted IBIS, the GX7 already existed. To assert that somehow the GX85 is a new attempt at a GM camera with more features just doesn’t make sense. They are different camera classes altogether. That's like saying that Panasonic targeted the GH5 to appeal to GM5 lovers who want a GM with top notch video. Totally different classes of cameras.

The only thing the GMs have going for them is the tiny size. For someone who doesn't want the tiny size, or for whom the tiny size is actually a drawback, name one feature that the GM5 has that the prior GX7 or later GX85 does not have, one reason why anyone would buy the GM5, other than size. Well, OK, GM5 does have 1/16000 electronic shutter which the GX7 lacked but the GX85 does have, but I think that's about it.

So either you want the tiny size or you don't. If you do, pick up a GM1, GM5, or GX850, which is the newest model in that family of cameras (though a bit of a downgrade in some respects). Neither the GX85 nor the GX7 is going to appeal to someone who wants the tiny size of the GM/GX850 family.

If you don't want the tiny size of the GMs/GX850, then you buy a bigger camera, and if you want a RF-style camera, your obvious choice was the GX7. The successor to the GX7 is the GX85. The GX85 is even called the GX7 II in Japan. They are both in the same camera family, which is quite distinct from the GM/GX850 family.

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The GX850 lacks an EVF, which, IMO, is much more important for advanced photographers than 4K video or tilting screen. It is aimed at ILC newcomers, whereas GM5 is aimed at enthusiast or pro photographers who want a small second body, or wealthy people who dont mind a high price tag as long as they get a capable jewel.

That is the kind of difference between, for instance, a Chevvy or Toyota (the GX 850) and a Smart (the GM5).

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