Sexist Forum?

Started Nov 15, 2000 | Discussions thread
John J. Schrimpf New Member • Posts: 5
Or maybe........

What I see is that when women come here and express some
interest in photography, the mostly male crowd tends to want
to encourage them a bit more than usual. How many men here
wish they could talk seriously about photography with their spouses
or GF's?
I know a number of women who are into photography but
not into the technical side at all. When one of them asks a
question, I see that as a good sign, and offer encouragement.

If we were really sexist as you say, wouldn't we be trying to
exclude women?


Well, what you MIGHT be seeing is a bunch of guys who aren't getting answers posting as women. This is anything but rare on the net, and I've seen people go as far as sending hard drives to "women" who were having trouble talking to them because their computers weren't working properly.. Ahhahaa..

Just a little something to consider.. (If you're not there, and you shoot, get there!)

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