What is unique about vacation/travel photography?

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Final Destinations of our dream

Bobthearch wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

Further, if you think you can "get anywhere in 12 hours", your "anywhere" does not include very large parts of the world -- probably many of the more interesting parts.

I travel to Australia frequently for work. It's 24-40 hrs of travel, depending on layovers and our final destination once we're in Australia. That's 24-40 hrs each way.

I took my family there for a holiday once. It was at 30+ hrs of travel to our first night's hotel on the Queensland coast (not exactly the remote Outback).

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See the Queensland name, I think of Queen Town of NZ. One of the far, far way destination of my photographic dreams.

Too far is one problem. Right time there is the next, the big one. If able to be there at the right time is one of my once-in-a-life time experience.

Also the Son Doong cave, Base camp 4, Antarctic observatory may be that .. well .. once in the next life time.

Money is not the big matter when talking of those photographic holy sites.

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