Does diffraction kick in sooner with larger sensor? Or...

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Re: Does diffraction kick in sooner with larger sensor? Or...

Victor Engel wrote:

ThrillaMozilla wrote:

Victor Engel wrote:

I said nothing about an Airy disc. I was talking about the total amount of diffraction.

But I did, because that's what matters. The "total amount of diffraction" is, to put it charitably, undefined.

Contrary to popular belief, including posts on this thread, there is more diffraction at wider apertures than at small apertures because there is more edge.

Pinhole one wavelength in diameter. Tiny edge, "LOTS" of diffraction. Oops.

NOT oops.

Tiny edge, and tiny amount of total light. Larger aperture has more diffraction which is overwhelmed by the even larger increase in total light.

I think I see what you are saying, but maybe it isn't coming across to some because it is somewhat abstract from a practical perspective. Let my try my own wording:

If you maintain the exposure time from a point source of light, but double the aperture, each photon on average is displaced half as far from the center of the Airy disk, but the sum of all displacements is twice as much?

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