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The OP's question was related to HSS or (ND?) reduction in ambient lighting.

But NEITHER is "SIMPLE", (since using either requires greater skill in shutter-speed and f/stop settings since they now affect both ambient and flash exposure balance and power.

Having available a "native" high-speed sync is 1000% easier.

And I am pointing that out since this is a "beginners" forum and many "beginners" don't know native higher flash sync is even available, or the advantages they offer.

A higher flash-sync is very definitely a "feature" many could appreciate and want IF THEY KNEW IT EXISTED.

In the "beginners" forum, OUR "JOB" is to INFORM beginners that option/feature does exist, (and the cameras that do offer it -- Fuji 100T/F, Sony RX10xx, Panasonic FZ-300 / 1000 / 2500).


Focusing on this section (not because I agree or disagree with the rest, but just because it stood out). I agree, but too a point. There are some beginners that are so fresh into photography that they are looking into a complete, fresh, brand new system. By all means should they be given clear, concise, and informative advice to both the positives and negatives of all camera systems (or at least as many as reasonable) in as much as a matter-of-fact way as possible to try to clear up the chummed-up waters of the advertising bumph that gets them into choice paralysis in the first place.
For others, they may have already invested in a system. And, if they are amateurs on a budget, a different system may not be an option. I'm not sure about the OP's situation (and I'm too lazy to look it up), but I believe he has a Nikon D5xxx camera. So, switching to (hypothetically) a FZ-1000 might not be financially worthwhile just to get a higher sync speed which they may/may not use with any regularity in the long run. I know in my case (as a non-professional) if lost a couple of hundred (or more) investing in a new camera system for a feature I may never use more than a few times, and did so via a joint account, my wife would probably geld me. :-D.
So, either an affordable Nikon body with HSS, or an alternative option like the ND filter (and not a variable one--at least in my opinion) might be more practical even if the FZ-1000 is indeed a fine camera that allows a very high sync speed and produces fantastic images--as you've proven.

I fully agree with your premise ... and indeed in many cases an OP may already have a camera capable of HSS and is only interested in how to "use" it. In that context the discussion of a "native" high-sync speed would be for "information" only to OTHER possible readers that may not be aware that native-high-sync is even available. (The dSLR manufacturers brag/market their HSS as fully-advantageous w/out disclosing it has < 1/5 relative-power and therefore useless as a conventional flash option.)

The OP in this case is indeed considering ANOTHER CAMERA, but also seems only aware of an HSS, (or ND), option and therefore I hope is now aware that native high-speed-sync is indeed an option.

Indeed most "beginners" today are NOT aware FP shutters are relatively new, and indeed have many limitations, while "leaf" shutters were historically more popular and a better option while co-existing w/ SLR's for a number of years, (offering higher native-sync).

Leaf shutters come with a raft of problems which you conveniently leave out for the "beginner".

Oh ... Come On Now ... what are their "raft" of problems ???

Principally, other than Hasselblad, you have to give up interchangeable lenses to get it.

There were (many) others besides Hassy w/ leaf shutter ICL.  (I had a Mamiya Universal but there were still others.)

That is certainly not worth doing just to get mechanical high speed sync. as it can be achieved in other ways with a focal plane shutter.

This entire discussion have been about the DISADVANTAGES of using HSS (and/or ND).

There is NO OTHER WAY to get "full" (flash) power w/ FP.

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