I am the only one to find jpeg junk?

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Re: RAF vs JPEG example

nixda wrote:

PT wrote:

Might be time to shut this thread down ! nothing useful coming from it anymore, the OP has succeeded in kicking a hornets nest. Different people have different priority's and if they are skilled enough at setting the camera for each shot fast enough not to miss it and manage to get a perfect jpg straight out of the camera whilst not rejecting many shots that are easily saved if shot in RAW then they are indeed a very highly skilled photographer.

Hahahaha, you have been successfully brainwashed by the "sooc-JPEG crowd". I know your post is somewhat sarcastic, but it needs to be pointed out that exposing a shot to satisfy the limitations of the in-camera JPEG engine does not constitute photographic skill ("I aspire to get it right in the camera"). In fact, it rejects the very fundamental notion of how digital cameras work. One cannot begin to aspire getting the very best from a digital camera if one doesn't do ETTR, but ETTR isn't in the vocabulary of the sooc-JPEG shooter. The conclusion is that the sooc-JPEG shooter is happy with what they consider "good enough", not "best".

Let me make it clear, that approach is perfectly fine of course. But to deduce from that approach that JPEG shooters possess special photographic skills, as some try to make us believe, is highly fallacious.

Pretty certain we jpeg shooters don't claim to be ace toggers just as much as you raw shooters d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ claim to be NASA qualified computer programmers 😉

To some extent, the camera manufacturers are to blame here as well. If they only provided tools so that even the poor sooc-JPEG shooters could practice ETTR and got images with proper brightness sooc, then we could start narrowing the gap somewhat.

I am not in that class ... nowhere near it, but I can process a RAW file to my liking. Showing pics that are shot in jpg and look great does not mean that all jpg's are great. As for the in camera jpg conversion (that takes place from the RAW before it is discarded) ..... why does Fuji not make that magic converter available for use on your computer since it is apparently the only converter that works properly ? remember that the best cut diamond was once a rough stone.

Shut it down !

Oh no, this is fun, as always; keep it going

Perhaps we SHOULD all strip exif on here so the judgmental folk can only speak of what they see rather than go through the image in a forensic pixel by pixel manner...

As per further back in this thread...this is the captive ruff but instead of focus to the rear of the bird (reason for that) this one has the head in the focus plane too...but...I honestly think that this can't be improved upon by an obvious margin if shot in raw and pp'd by an ace photo mixer!!


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