New Dad Indoor Setup?

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FooHead wrote:

Is there a general rule of thumb? Is bounce flash better, is fast zoom better than fast prime ..or is it personal preference?

Flash is a creature all to its own, and there can be a big learning curve. Without the proper knowledge and technique, shots will look artificial, or simply won't turn out. I have found (likely based on my limited flahsability) that shots using flash require more post processing. The trade-off, however, is that the shots turned out sharper. Of course, I also have a manual flash as it was cheap, so your mileage might vary if you go with a TTL.
On some occasions I have preferred the shots I got with a flash, others I preferred natural light and using a faster lens. Since I have upgraded from a T3I to a 6D, I rarely use my flash as I can push the 6D to a much higher ISO, and I prefer the look of using the light that's there. To me, it gives a feel that's more representative of the real mood and environment from which the shot was taken. But again, that could just be my limited ability with a flash talking.

If you're using indirect flash (which you probably would be for a baby) then you're far better shooting with manual flash settings than TTL anyway.

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