What is wrong here? D500 & 200-500

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Re: What is wrong here? D500 & 200-500

shutterbobby wrote:

Hi we are in the same part DK

Ha, that's funny (in the sense of good, not weird)

you don't use above ISO 800 on the D500?

Oh yes, I do -- very often, in fact! I just meant to say that if the ISO goes above 800 (or thereabout; it also depends on the light and general exposure, etc), I think more about stopping down and often prefer to shoot wide open -- unlike what I did with the Tamron G1 150-600mm that "required" f/7.1.

Below 800 ISO or so, I am likely to stop down for that little extra sharpness.

for BIF impossible here as light is not strong enough,for the best shooting times morning/evening ..

Agreed. Days like today have been quite rare this past 6 months.

I can get good shots at ISO 3000 for birds, if close enough--the D500 beats the APSC camsI used before by far.

Yes, completely agree.

I also find F 6.3 works well,just a bit more DOF..for bIrds

... especially if you're close to them; it helps to have the entire plumage in focus and not just the eye.

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