Issues with A7R II High ISO performance

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Re: Issues with A7R II High ISO performance

baburh wrote:

thanks for all the feedback!

i definitely do not question a7rii high iso performance and it's clearly ahead of a6000 and 5Dmk2. i m dissappointed with my recent results. my question was 'is it my camera?'

i should have posted an example or two. i m travelling for work now and i will post once back home.

lighting was bad and i intentionally underexposed to keep the shutter speed high and the iso low. maybe this made things worse..

You probably didn't make things worse (you would have with a 5DII) but you do have a incorrect value of the ISO rating of the final image if it requires exposure in post.

If you increase the exposure of a 6400 shot one stop it is effectively ISO12800, two stops and you call it as 25600.

Also, incase no one has said it already, do NOT use the silent shutter mode.


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