People asking you to modify their features on photoshop...

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Re: People asking you to modify their features on photoshop...

Leonard Migliore wrote:

MG3300 wrote:

Hi all, I'm new at photography and have been doing some family events. Kind of a question and need to vent for a little bit. I'm curious if this is a common thing. So, a few times I have edited a few photos in photoshop by request to alter unflattering features i.e - filling in bald spots with stamp tool, fixing "too much gums showing" with the liquefy tool, using the stamp tool to remove wrinkle lines. But, now people are constantly asking me to modify their facial features which is extremely time consuming when they're in 100 photos from a family event and get upset if someone posts them to social media without modification. I even have some people asking me if I can make them look slimmer with photoshop. It kind of annoys me that they're expecting me to open up 300 photos and meticulously modify each after spending 10 hours on light room already because they're not happy with a specific feature. I already whiten teeth, spot removal blemishes, and scars....but I feel like some of the things people are requesting are a bit ridiculous. What would you say in a situation like this?

I would replace their heads with cat heads. Who would complain?

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