Small Birds with the D500

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Re: Small Birds with the D500

larrywilson wrote:

Dyun27 wrote:

Pixel boy wrote:

As always great shots and top notch IQ

Just one thing, I was at a wildlife presentation recently and the professional wildlife photographer showed an image of a small bird "with a branch in front of it" he said he would never use such a photo as it's a major distraction. Unless it was a rare bird, in which case any shot is worth capturing.

Just wondered what your view was on that, please don't think this is a critasism it's just an observation.

Pixel Boy

Thank you!

It's a fair question. I don't take it as criticism at all. Generally, I prefer to have the bird unobstructed by things like branches. In this case I did get a few shots of the same bird without branches in front of it, yet preferred the posted shot to those, because of the yellow flower in front of it.

Here's the same bird clear of branches:

It's largely personal preference IMO. Usually you'll want to get the whole animal in there, but sometimes it's OK, especially if it's that, or nothing at all.

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Kind of like the Coyote image that I took behind some tall grass. I could only get his/her right eye and mouth clear of all the grass, but still liked it enough to print it. Sometimes you just have to take what the situation gives to you.


Wiley Coyote

Dyun ... A great series by a skilled shooter! The original

Larry ... it's a great capture. If I could only get that same chance I would shoot till' he/she ran off.

The branch in front of the original White Crowned Sparrow posted did not bother my eye at all ... it's a very nice picture. But the out of focus elements surrounding the bird in the second post are a distraction to me (some might say it creates a nice "vignette") as well as the completely out of focus twigs in front of Wiley's nose and eye. The twigs that are nearly in focus are not so much a distraction as they are a natural "framing".

That's just me guys ... old eyes and all.

I caught a nice sequence of a Great Egret snagging a large fish. But there was this problem with a Cypress Tree I just couldn't crop out. I don't know for sure that if it were more in focus it still bother me or not. They remain on my computer, but I haven't them. Here's one for ya'll to slam.



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