Love my G85, but hate JPEG colors... I want "Canon colors", how?

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I've been following this thread with great interest as I'm very close to a G85 purchase myself, and this is slightly off-topic from the technical substance of the discussion *but*...

OP, you seem to spending an enormous amount of time trying to achieve acceptable jpeg's from a camera you love according to the title of the thread. Are all these efforts a "labor of love" for you? Or does it get tedious after a while, to the point that maybe there is less love for the G85 than you thought?

No. Actually this exercise is making me learn a lot about the camera and I am loving it even more. Specially that now I realize how much it is configurable compared to my Canon.

I ask out of genuine curiosity and because in a prior post you said you find editing boring (I agree), but these in-camera machinations are analogous to post-processing ("pre-processing", if you like)

Good question, and the answer is "yes and no". It is very tedious but I just need to do it once (at least I hope) and always use that "magic config" forever

Keep hope!

Save in difficult scenes, where I shoot RAW+JPEG, I am mostly a JPEG shooter.

I tried a lot of different JPEG profiles in my cameras, and I still regularly feel the need of some adjustments, even on cameras I have been using for more than one year, to reduce my PP work in lightroom (IMO, some PP is almost always needed to improve the framing and, save when using the best glass, to adjust the highlights and shadows to make the overall image more appealing.

I never had Canon, I used Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Fuji and Panasonic.

Photography is my hobby, I dont use CC nor calibrated screens, I just trust AWB which, IMO, is now, in recent cameras, generally accurate for daylight shooting whatever the brand.

What puzzles me is that, on my Panasonic GM5, standard JPEG profile with default settings for hue, contrast, saturation, sharpening and noise reduction looks very punchy to my eye, which is not the case in your samples.

I think those samples are tainted by bad custom WB from my side, ignore them. I will try to get better ones this weekend.

Thus I wonder if there might be some tone curve correction enabled in your camera, as Panasonic and Oympus camera have this kind of setting which can dramatically change the global rendering, whatever the main JPEG profiles settings you have chosen. It might also be that one of the numerous creative filters is enabled...

That is why I am trying to set as little "auto" settings as possible, pushing everything to "default" and starting from there. But thanks for the advice though

I dont know whether the GX85 has an in-body raw processing feature.

I use this feature in my Pentax DSLR and my Fuji X-S1 to tweak the jpeg settings, as it allows me to compare the different camera outputs from the same raw file.

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