I am the only one to find jpeg junk?

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Actual Raw-JPEG comparison! (images)

stevo23 wrote:

Thumbnail above is horrible, but click original to see the full glory of ACR noise.

I don't use ACR and don't know what parameters were used in the above photo. There is no universe where jpeg have less noise than RAW when all is said and done. The jpegs come from the RAW. So whatever noise there is in the RAW has been reduced through some form of post processing either in-camera by you in your favorite program.

I don't use ACR either. I'm unlikely to buy Lightroom because it does not run on Linux.

Fact of the matter is that in-camera noise reduction is far superior to whatever Jeff Keller used for his Raw conversion. Possibly no NR was used? Here's the JPEG to compare. Main thing that's better in Raw conversion is the blue eye color.

Eye of the Kitty

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