CEO Corporate Portrait SOOC and edited - Suggestion?

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Re: If it works for him...

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The shot just doesn't say "corporate CEO" to me. Sleeves rolled up, hands stuffed in pants pockets, no tie, shirt unbuttoned, no T-shirt .... Sorry, it doesn't work for me no matter how it's edited.


Well, my mistake... Corporate CEO is not the right definition. My english is not good enough.

He his the owner of a small-mid sized company in Argentina (40 person). Very very VERY informal importing and distribution market.

The idea was to have a portrait that trasnmit the positive feeling of a trustable person. A good friend beside of a good business partner.

Possibly hands stuffed in pants pocket are not a good idea (but I don't have a bed feeling about it) but I can assure you that his look is absolutely adecuate for the region, (south america) sspecific market and the magazine were it will be published.

If you want an informal portrait, place him in an informal setting somewhere in the workplace, not in a studio.

That is a good point

Anyway for reasons that are boring to tell, I'm quite confident that that image with that background, for the use we thought, is quite what we need.

But I undestand that if you don't like, you don't like it.

I respect that and I really apprecciate that gave me your opinion!

Good for you!

Such an informal look (in his attire) is more suited to the "shop floor".

That is to say an "environmental portrait" that shows he still has a "hands on role" in operating the company.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. Next time I'll ask for some more formality.

I found a way to put you in contest with a magazine of this sector / market / region:

Please check the slide show of the banner.

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