I am the only one to find jpeg junk?

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Re: I am the only one to find jpeg junk?

michaeladawson wrote:

Did your other cameras allow you to zoom-in with just Raw?

Yes (Nikon). I was shocked to find that you couldn't get a detailed zoom with Fuji unless you shot RAW + JPEG. Obviously Nikon must embed a high res JPEG in the RAW file. Fuji only embeds a low-res JPEG.

Aha, thanks! I'm glad you could help others who did not know this.

All I'm saying is that with a proper computer, which I have, it really is so little extra time to open up a RAW file in ACR than it is to open up a JPEG. The point I was responding to was the idea by the other poster that all files need some post processing. IMO, if you are going to do that you may as well shoot RAW. You won't be adding much time to your post processing.

But my point is that if you are going to downsample anyway, the JPEG gives you almost as much latitude for corrections as Raw, and works better at high ISO due to less noise.

There are more noise reduction choices out there than just DxO Optics Pro.

I'm fairly unimpressed with all of them except DxO Optics Pro in Prime mode. See below for a crop from an X-T20 image at ISO 12800 converted by ACR. It's unbelievable how much worse it is than the out-of-camera JPEG that follows it in the DPreview sample gallery.

JPEG takes up much less space, is faster to browse, is a durable ISO standard, and does not require paid-for software. All of those are significant advantages, especially "less space" in the cloud computing era (if we are in it).

Space? Not an issue. Paid software? Not an issue, I have it. Less space in the cloud? My Zenfolio account is unlimited storage for a nominal fee.

It's not storage space so much as upload/download times. Most people do not have Gigabit Ethernet into the cloud.

Thumbnail above is horrible, but click original to see the full glory of ACR noise.

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