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Re: PC Puzzle??? DiskState

Van Griff wrote:

tom graham wrote:

For many years I have use DiskState for a quick snap shot summary of my partitions. http://geekcorp.com/diskstate/getit.php . Used to be free?? But you can download a Demo from them. But is it functional? Probably something like it for free, not a very complex program, I would think. Anyway, here is what I see when first run, an overview of all partitions. And then if I select C partition (system OS W7) I see this. And can tree down partitions until reaching files.


Thanks for the link and images . . . looks like you can download a free demo . . . which I suppose I could use to check . . . ultimately there is a fee involved to purchase.

dwalby above suggested Macrium Reflect as a free program that seems to provide a similar function.

no, Macrium is a program for what is called partition imaging. It will copy an exact version of the 1's and 0's on your partition, and save that info to a file (in compressed form so its much smaller). Its primary value is for imaging your OS partition, then if your OS ever encounters problems, you can boot up with a disk and copy those 1's and 0's back to the C: partition and be back to the state you were in when the image was created.   You can also use it on data partitions too.

I think this is similar to what the Windows auto system backup does, which filled up your drive, but I've never used it so I'm not sure about that.  I'd recommend using Macrium and disabling the Windows service, but at this point I'm not sure you're comfortable with any changes of that type.

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