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Re: Different workflows

Shooting with UniWB is for ETTR and getting the optimal exposure to maximize DR for the sensor. Post processing is required when you shoot ETTR.

The average person just wants an SOOC image - or something requiring small adjustments in post.

For the average person - they have no idea why someone would want to shoot ETTR and have a green, flat, over-exposed image that requires post processing.

But if one goes back to the original point - OVF vs EVF - if one wants to shoot UniWB for ETTR on a Landscape scene, I would still prefer an EVF over an OVF for that (Ok, I would actually prefer the LCD in Live View for that, but same idea) - it would help me dial in my values faster than using and OVF and reviewing the LCD afterwards.

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Just like the final image is coming from the imaging sensor. Are you under some belief that there are extra sensors in mirrorless cameras? You're confusing me greatly. if the data isn't coming from the imaging-sensor, where do you think it is coming from?!?!?!?

No - not at all.

What you see on the EVF is not informations coming direct from the sensor. It's an image, that is very much manipulated and interpolated by the cameras software - that was my point - the EVF is nothing as WYSIWYG - the EVF is not getting any informations direct from the sensor, none so what ever.

If the EVF suits you, then that is good - it was not my business to denigrate and disparage the EVF - only to counter the often used "advantage" of the EVF being a "WYSIWYG" part.

If you wish to call it a simulation instead of WYSIWYG - than sure call it a simulation - it stills gets the user a better preview of what is captured in the file than an OVF and that's the advantage some want in their cameras.

It's a misleading preview of the data. To get a more accurate preview of that data you need to install UniWB and customize the image settings (Picture Controls for Nikon) for that purpose, which will result in a strong green cast and a very flat preview.

Me, I want that simulation on my LCD to work better than what Nikon has been able to get till now and leave my OVF alone. That way - I can pick how I want to shoot.

See above, I have settings on my camera that give me a very accurate review of the exposure on my rear LCD (I guess that applies to the preview in Live View too as I haven't seen a discrepancy there).

For landscape shots on a tripod I prefer the simulation from a LCD while for action shots - I prefer the no lag of an OVF.

I use Live View sometimes myself in that way, particularly when I'm zooming in on focus with a tilted focus plane. Then I turn it off as quickly as possible because it sucks batteries down like crazy on my D800.

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