Love my G85, but hate JPEG colors... I want "Canon colors", how?

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Re: Love my G85, but hate JPEG colors... I want "Canon colors", how?

bsas wrote:

OK, a little bit of change in my approach (maybe for the better).

Instead of trying to mimic the Canon colors, I will try to get a more accurate and vibrant colors in my G85, doesn't matter if they look like Canon or not.

Good on you, although, as you stated here, your objective is niceness rather than accuracy.

And the Canon seems to be your benchmark for niceness.

And you have no reason to believe that the Canon is particularly accurate.

So you might need to be prepared for the possibility that your new approach might very well yield images that don't really meet your criteria.

So, for that I though: when I want to deep edit any photo to make them pop, I always use my Color Checker Passport.

Therefore, here is my approach (and it was quite laborious):

1) Take a picture of my Color Checker Passport with some colorful objects;

2) Generate the Color Checker profile;

3) Apply to the picture and generate a new JPEG with the only difference being that I applied the color correction;

4) Compare both JPEGs: the one SooC and the one from LR with just color correction applied to try to see the difference between both on all color patches.

Basically I did that with all camera profiles (Standard, Vivid, Natural, Scenery and Portrait) to find the one that was closer to the fixed file. I though that the closer was the "Vivid" (I wasn't expecting that to be honest, but, well).

I certainly was, based on your earlier comments on what you want in your pics. I almost suggested it, but refrained because I decided that it won't be the right all-round solution including portraits.

But even the "Vivid" was a little less saturated then the color corrected one. So, after that I tweaked the "Vivid" to try to get as close as possible. Here is my settings and here is the example shot:


- Vivid, Contrast 0, Sharpness +2, NR -5, Saturation +1

- Highlight Shadow: Standard (0/0)

- i.Dynamic: OFF

- i.Resolution: OFF

SooC picture

Color corrected using Color Checker Passport on LR

It is possible to see some differences, specially on some blue and green patches, but that was the closest I could get.

So, I hope I will have time tomorrow to do "real-life" shooting with this new profile so we can see if the results get better

Repeating my comment above, you might need to be prepared for your new approach to yield images that don't really meet your criteria.

Good luck!

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