Love my G85, but hate JPEG colors... I want "Canon colors", how?

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Re: Love my G85, but hate JPEG colors... I want "Canon colors", how?

Paulmorgan wrote:

bsas wrote:

So, I am moving from a Canon 70D to the Lumix G85. Features and hardware wise, I think the G85 beats the Canon any day, hands down. Loving that little camera here!

But, I always take JPEG+RAW and my personal goal is to have a nice SooC JPEG so the RAW is just a "backup" thing. I know that is hard, but I like when my JPEGs are nice to a point where I don't need to edit the RAW.

Based on that, I am suffering with the G85 JPEG colors and contrast. Don't know why, maybe I am doing something wrong, but looks crazy washed out and colors are quite dead. I know that Canon normally "over-saturates" a little, but I kind of like that "wrong color scheme" on it.

So, I was wondering if anyone can suggest how to config my G85 to be more "Canon colors like" for JPEG stills. I though about "Vivid" but not sure if it is too much. Maybe a custom profile but I have no idea what to change.

I looked into EOSHD Canon color package, but looks like is something to do on "post" and it is geared towards video.

Thanks for the help!

Get yourself a colorchecker passport, far better than any jpeg.

Did you read any of my other comments?

I have a CC passport and I am using it to try to calibrate the in camera JPEG too (besides obviously using on post).

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