I am the only one to find jpeg junk?

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Re: You need to adjust your expectations

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I have the X-T10 since summer and I absolutely love it, Raf photos editing is a pure pleasure with Capture 1 (Windows 10) the results fantastic compared to my ex-D90, but every-time I give a chance for jpeg and whatever the settings I use, the results are not much better than let's say a smartphone like the HTC 10, it's either over-sharpened or it lacks sharpening, or details are killed by the jpeg compression...

There is a huge universe between the jpeg out of the camera and the Raf, I think X-Trans cameras are made for Raf only if we want professional results and not instagram quality.

Your "criticism" is way over the top. And you're stating the obvious, to some extent.

There is a huge difference in the information content of raw data compared to a final image in JPEG format. You yourself may know the exact intent, how your image should look like in the end and how large it will be printed, but the camera doesn't know, and most of the time, users don't know upfront either what they are going to do with an image in the end. So how can you expect the camera to know exactly which information from the raw data to carry through to the final JPEG, which portion of the captured dynamic range to compress just right, how to use the proper amount of noise reduction and sharpening, etc?

The camera only provides a handful of processing parameters, each with a handful of possible values to choose from. Do you expect to get the same kind of control over the processing as from a full-fledged external processor?

Your are expecting too much from the in-camera JPEG engine, then you get disappointed and start a thread like this arguing against the engine, when you should really adjust your expectations. IMHO, anyway.

I also was not impressed about the detail level in JPEG. It looks hazy and overly smooth where you expect fine texture, and increasing the sharpening instead produces halos. It is very far from what RawTherapee on an Intel i5/i7 machine can produce from the RAF files in 2.5 seconds. It has nothing to do with X-Trans. It is the same with Canon EOS 5D/6D series (just look at official sample pictures - I once did a test and found that there is only 10 MP worth of fine detail in 21 MP OOC JPEGs). It seems that cameras only process half the potential resolution in order to decrease the time between shots. Now it is >10 years later and I suspect that cameras could do much better, but give priority to increasing shooting speed.

Is this the lack of fine detail in jpegs that you talk about??


and now just imagine - what if you got blown highlights?? how would you live without that bird picture??? So we all need insurance: RAW + triple SD slot + JPEG + tethering + backup camera.

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