Should I trade my K70 for a KP?

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Re: Should I trade my K70 for a KP?

Tatouzou wrote:

I copy all my production directly from the SD card into my computer. I use a dedicated directory for each camera and inside I copy the daily files created by my Pentax cameras, to which I may append a keyword, or create equivalent files for my other cameras. I regularly backup these originals, and also the final JPEg outputs.

I then import all my production in Lightroom, and use Lightroom library tools to tag my images (now over 40000!), select the keepers and delete the discarded, create dedicated collections for each event, then PP the JPEGs or the RAWs, and also export them and/or post them on flickr using the matching LR tool.

Thanks for the full description... interesting how we all have our own ideas when it comes to PP and asset management.

For what it's worth, I shoot with two cameras - a K-70 and Ricoh GR. The workflow, which I try to keep as quick and simple as poss, is the same for both:

  1. Import all image into LR catalog. I don't set up any folders, simply rely on LR to manage date-based folder hierarchy automatically. I don't rename images.
  2. Review and delete unwanted images
  3. Keyword the rest.
  4. PP as needed.
  5. Export JPEGs as needed

Once all images in a folder are keyworded, I append a short description to the folder name. This serves to show at a glance which folders are yet to be keyworded.

I regard JPEGs as dispensible as they can always be re-created. All exported JPEGs go into the same folder where are browsed using Faststone. Exported JPEGs are not cataloged.

There are approx 29,000 images in the main catalog. To look for specific images, I filter on metadata (e.g. camera, keywords) and attributes.

All images are backed up to the cloud as well as locally. The LR catalog (.lrcat) is backed up periodically using LR's native backup, and the resulting backup file is backed up to the cloud and locally.

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