Thom Hogan hints 50mp for upcoming D820/D850

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Re: Thom Hogan hints 50mp for upcoming D820/D850

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This morning Thom posted that OSPDAF is not what he is referring to (nor is it a multi-layered CFA). He seems to think that OSPDAF does not make sense for F-mount for technical reasons which is consistent with what I have heard elsewhere.

Yes, saw more of his posts -- he definitely isn't referring to OSPDAF... I didn't see him say it is due to any technical limitation though. The only post I saw, he said he didn't think PDAF is useful on Nikon, since they are moving away from video.

But... they are being forced to move away from video, due to the lack of PDAF. And it ignores that OSPDAF isn't just useful for video - he ignores the fact that some people, some times, actually want to use the LCD for still photography as well.

Yeah. Thom's comment really doesn't make a lot of sense. If Nikon isn't rapidly developing their on-sensor PDAF capabilities then what does that say about any mirrorless development. OSPDAF absolutely isn't just useful for video.

I think he is specifically referring to the D810 successor and not necessarily saying he does not think OSPDAF will not be used in another mirrorless product.

Here's a new post from Thom specifically talking about this issue. Seems like he is not sold on the idea that Nikon needs OSPDAF even for mirrorless.

"I have no idea why Nikon is backing away from video. It's one of those inexplicable things they've been doing lately.

As for live view, try a D3400 with the AF-P lenses and you might be surprised. It seems that Nikon has a different approach towards improving live view.

Everyone keeps talking about PD-on sensor as critical for mirrorless. Panasonic might disagree with you, and so do I. It seems to me that there are different approaches to getting fast and accurate focus response, and one is just simply brute force, which is also happening in all those PD-on sensor cameras ;~)."

Thom is wrong for a very simple reason. He may be right that OSPDAF is not the only answer. But he is wrong if he thinks AF-P is the answer --- there are only 2 Af-p lenses, but Aps-c kit lenses.

They didn't make their new 105/1.4 into af-p lens.

So af-p is only a solution for aps-c kit shooting.

It's erroneous Nikon thinking that only entry-level consumers care about live view.

Maybe AF-P requires other compromises (like AF speed) that make it not suitable for high end glass. I do think in general that high end users are less concerned about live view performance than entry level users who are more likely to use the rear screen when shooting. The main advantage I see for OSPDAF in DSLRs is for video but Nikon does not seem to be going after the video market and instead optimizing their bodies for still photography. I think this decision is certainly open to question but unless Nikon was able to dramatically improve their video users who are interested in video are still going to go to Canon, Sony, or Panasonic.

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