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havoc315 wrote:

BirgerH wrote:

Actually.... I wasn't suggesting that EVF shows depth of field. I was simply citing it as something that the OVF doesn't see --- and neither does the EVF.

Oh - then I did misunderstand you - sorry.

No worries... easy to interpret my statement in the way you did.

Though upon further thought, it isn't that clear cut. Typically, when using EVF or OVF, you don't preview the DOF, unless you actually hit the preview DOF button, which then stops down the aperture. But at least with Sony mirrorless -- when shooting a burst, the aperture stays stopped down. So at least when shooting Sony mirrorless, you do get a preview of DOF when shooting a burst. But in most cases -- in single shot sooner -- neither OVF nor EVF gives you an ongoing DOF preview.

Exposure - you are really wrong here. What you see in the EVF is an image being brightened to fit your settings - have nothing to do with exposure.

Incorrect --- It is indeed a simulation, but it can simulate exposure. Depends on how you have the EVF set. But if it is set to simulate your exposure --- Then the image will brighten or darken, in simulation with your actual exposure. And if set properly, it will perfectly preview your exposure.

No - it will simulate your exposure as well as possible - not preview it, because brightening is not exposure. Just words, though

Yes, that's just a difference of semantics.

- but I have seen some difference between the previewed "exposure" in liveview (the lcd) and the final exposure of the image.

That's why I qualified it with "set properly" --- The most obvious example would be a sticky aperture. The EVF may preview a properly exposed image. But if the aperture doesn't properly stop down (more an issue with older mechanical aperture lenses), then the actual exposure is going to be much brighter than the EVF preview.

But if everything is set right and working correctly, the EVF gives a pretty accurate preview of the exposure. (even if you want to call it brightness)


How will you make the EVF show you an image i.e. taken with 1/15s shutter speed. You have to rely on the camera software.

No idea what you mean? Do you mean, does the EVF preview the effect or a fast/slow shutter speed? Some EVFs try, but generally an EVF will not preview the smooth water of a water fall shot with a 3 second exposure time.

No - I was speaking exposure - not shutter speed effects. What I ment was, the image you see in the EVF is made, normally with a framerate at 1/30s. Can't show you real time exposure at 1/15s, then.

Whether you want to call it brightness or exposure doesn't matter in this discussion -- you're viewing the level of brightness/exposure that will be in the captured image. My EVF is 120 fps -- But it's still previewing/simulating the exposure of the captured image.

I don't think. The screen has an update speed at 1/120s - but I think, that there will be just 30, maybe 60, images shown pr. second.

But it will absolutely preview the exposure of it -- If I take my mirrorless camera into an almost completely pitch black room, and I set the shutter speed at 30 seconds -- and I look through the EVF, I see a bright room. If I'm in the pitch black room and set the shutter speed at 1/2000 seconds.. then I see pitch darkness.

And how will it do that being a preview of exposure? A simulation, yes but how is that direct informations from the sensor?

I'm confused.. where do you think the camera is getting that information from?!?!?! It is getting data from the imaging sensor. Do you think mirrorless cameras have extra sensors, like a dSLR metering sensor? No... it comes from the imaging sensor.

The sensor will not be completely bright - it's actually making a "video" of a completely black's getting no light, is it? Your software is making a "bright representation" - not your sensor until you actually shoot for 30 seconds.

Obviously there is no final image --- until there is a final image. But the simulation/representation being made is coming from the sensor.

The example you made yourself can't. The sensor is making 30 or 60 very dark images pr. second (they are made, even they are not stored) - while you are being shown a bright on the EVF.

Just like the final image is coming from the imaging sensor. Are you under some belief that there are extra sensors in mirrorless cameras? You're confusing me greatly. if the data isn't coming from the imaging-sensor, where do you think it is coming from?!?!?!?

No - not at all.

What you see on the EVF is not informations coming direct from the sensor. It's an image, that is very much manipulated and interpolated by the cameras software - that was my point - the EVF is nothing as WYSIWYG - the EVF is not getting any informations direct from the sensor, none so what ever.

If the EVF suits you, then that is good - it was not my business to denigrate and disparage the EVF - only to counter the often used "advantage" of the EVF being a "WYSIWYG" part.


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