A7Rii vs RX-100 V Underwater

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Re: A7Rii vs RX-100 V Underwater

Photographing a baited shark dive on an open reef floor isn't particularly challenging - most cameras can capture good results and it's not hard to wrangle any size camera.

But for many locations (ex, Palau, Galapagos) for unbaited shark encounters, the action is where the current is strongest. Fighting the current and surge while hanging onto a rock (or hooked in) and occasionally feeling the surge threaten to yank off your mask - the big rigs are a beast. If you're only doing wide angle at a distance, then you wouldn't miss the strobes, but if you want a shark in the foreground, you want to light it up. Otherwise...do nearly as well with a compact gopro.

On the macro side, hanging near a wall, trying to maintain position to shoot a 2" object is a different sort of struggle, as is trying to capture a scorpion leaf fish sitting in a crack in the least convenient orientation possible. Big housed cameras have the best potential imaging, but they are much hard to position than the little guys. The little compact canon or olympus using a defuser over the built in flash have an advantage.

These struggles either require a much greater level of buoyancy (included constant violation of the 'don't hold your breath mantra') or a lot of reef impact. Also increases your air consumption markedly.

putting that aside - the upfront and ongoing costs around this gear is not trivial. While I don't do an annual servicing, the housings do need some care and that can be a $500 pop - or $10 for every dive you've done to date. You might think about a photo workshop that includes a suitable rental option instead, or even a rental by itself. However, these aren't esp cheap for an SLR arrangement and it takes a few days to get yourself right...even with equipment I've taken down a couple hundred dives, the first couple days have poorer results as I am doing it on a 6-12 month interval.

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